Installing MyGrad#

MyGrad requires numpy. It is highly recommended that you utilize numpy built with MKL for access to optimized math routines (e.g. install numpy via anaconda). You can install MyGrad using pip:

pip install mygrad

You can instead install MyGrad from its source code. Clone this repository and navigate to the MyGrad directory, then run:

pip install .

Support for Python and NumPy#

MyGrad abides by the NEP 29 recommendation, and adopts a common “time window-based” policy for support of NumPy versions. Accordingly, MyGrad’s drop schedule for NumPy versions can be found here.

Note, however, that MyGrad will maintain a wider window of support for minor Python versions than is specified by NEP 29. Because our only dependency is NumPy, and because we strive to remain an exceptionally lightweight and flexible dependency to our users, we will support minor versions of Python until their end of life, or until our lowest supported version of NumPy drops support for that version of Python – whichever occurs first.